Liberal Racism Among Asians May Bite Them Back

by Lewis Loflin

Lenin is reputed to have called those that work for causes that are destructive to themselves "useful idiots." The racial extremists in academia, education, and the Democratic Party play out their endless drumbeats of white racism and evil rich people but fail to notice they to are often white and/or are affluent. The hornets nest they stir up my sting them.

Regardless of the fact Asians are starting to face discrimination under affirmative action and disdain from blacks and Latinos for their success, many are still leftists and support those that could turn on them. They are becoming like many Jews hostile to the very nation and its traditional values that rewarded them. According to the PEW survey their politics reflect the culture of where they reside.

Two-thirds of Asian Americans are Democrat or lean Democrat with Indian Americans the most Democratic at 65 percent. They voted for Obama in 2008 by 62 percent versus 35 percent. They support activist government and big government control by whopping margins. Most are leftists on many social issues as well.

In my opinion their political attitudes are easy to explain. How is it those that promote family values could be hostile with conservative and working class whites that support many of their same values? Like Jews there seems to be a mental disconnect from reality in that blind dogma overrules reason.

Like many of the affluent leftists in this country regardless of the wealth and freedom they enjoy, they revile traditional American values and institutions that made it possible. Many resist assimilation into the culture for a lot of reasons. Being that half hold college degrees, they've been indoctrinated into liberal racism and its anti-white racial undertones that dominate college campuses.

Many live on the West coast where liberal racism dominates the educational system and culture. Most are big advocates of open borders and mass immigration in order to bring in their extended families, which conservative mainly white Americans oppose. Being that many of them are affluent mass immigration doesn't devastate their jobs like it does poor blacks and Latinos, and they are starting to notice.

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In fact Asian families will spend a fortune to get child into and graduate an American college to get a green card. Once they become a citizen they can use family reunification to bring in the entire family.

A few interesting notes from the New York Times (2/4/2012) when Asian students were asked about their families:

...about 60 percent said their families were "collectivist," rather than "individualist," something she perceived as more Asian than American. Alison Luo, who grew up in Chongqing, a major city in southwest China, had mixed feelings about the trend that she is part of.

"Before I came, I saw the online chatting in China, with hundreds of people coming to the University of Washington," Ms. Luo said. "I was kind of worried about that. I paid to study abroad, and it was almost like I was studying in China."

Perhaps this young woman realizes how much American academia would like to make America just like China? This is another reason the Democratic Party is so determined to import a larger "collectivist" voter base.

About 75 percent of Asian Americans are foreign born and most live in large urban areas having little connection to rural or small town America. America is becoming very segregated along cultural and economic lines. For now they benefit from our racial spoils political system.

But it's a matter of time before they start becoming targets. The NAACP in Fairfax Virginia is whining about too many Asians in the best schools and Koreans were the target of black racial violence during the LA Riots. They are increasingly becoming the targets of black and Hispanic gangs and their racial violence just like whites. Like whites they are often barred from affirmative action.

So it's time Asians start using their minds and throw off liberal racist' dogma or those they help radicalize may turn their guns on them.

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