Climate Hype Hides Science Illiteracy

by Lewis Loflin

"Just as important as what we are going to do is what we’re not going to do. We're not going to debate climate change, the existence of it. The earth is getting hotter, and human activity is a major cause. Period."

So says news anchor and non-scientist Rev. Chucky Todd of NBC News.

Rev. Chucky Todd of NBC knows nothing about this subject, but tells others they have no right to question his beliefs. He isn't the only ignorant person on science. Like all ideological fanatics belief and faith overrule reason.

College students are among the most strident supporters of fixing the planet they know nothing about. Andy Henion and Charles "Andy" Anderson Jan. 7, 2011 claim "college students lack scientific literacy" according to a study published in the January issue of BioScience.

To quote,

Most college students in the United States do not grasp the scientific basis of the carbon cycle – an essential skill in understanding the causes and consequences of climate change, according to research published in the January issue of BioScience.

The study, whose authors include several current and former researchers from Michigan State University, calls for a new way of teaching – and, ultimately, comprehending – fundamental scientific principles such as the conservation of matter.

Why not teach like I learned it without the political indoctrination?

Someone asked,

"Would it make any difference to the public whether the climate gurus in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are right or wrong about dangerous human-caused global warming if only a weak minority of Americans knew what carbon dioxide is? Or what the carbon in their carbon footprint is? Or that their own body is built with carbon-based molecules? Or what a molecule is?"

Answer: No. That "if" is the real state of science literacy in the United States, according to nearly two decades of National Academy of Sciences studies. "Most don't know any of those things. Nor does most of the world, for that matter, says an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 2008 survey."

Neil deGrasse Tyson proclaims U.S. science illiteracy a serious threat:

"The consequence of that is that you breed a generation of people who do not know what science is nor how and why it works. You have mortgaged the future financial security of your nation. Innovations in science and technology are the (basis) of tomorrow's economy."

Neil sometimes confuses actual science knowledge with a dogmatic faith in what "scientists" tell you is fact. But his point is accurate. The vast majority of the public, even college students, have no practical knowledge of science.

This has come about as ecology survey classes (more a social science) have replaced hard science in many schools. And a general lack of interest in science has plagued the nation for decades.

They also claim hard science is racist because lower-achieving non-Asian minorities can't understand it. The 2011 ACT scores show Blacks and Hispanics score at 10% and 14% proficient in science. Even worse only about half of whites and Asians do.

I'll bet these students can understand just fine if schools return to academics over social engineering.

So with such an appalling lack of scientific knowledge can the public really understand the complexities of earth science? That is what "climate science" really is. Again the answer is no.

What do UN climate experts say about climate change?

"Basically, it is a big mistake to discuss climate policy apart from the big issues of globalization. The climate summit in Cancun (Mexico) at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the biggest business conferences since the Second World War ... But one has to be clear: we are effectively redistributing world wealth through climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy..."

See Climate Change Dogma About Money

Bartender and New York Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says:

"Fighting climate change will be 'the civil rights movement of our generation' It's inevitable that we will create jobs. We can use the transition to 100 percent renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social and racial justice in the United States of America."

I take them at their word.


Lewis Frog

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