Immigration Victory East Tennessee

by Lewis Loflin

After years of open criminal activity aided and abetted by local governments ICE is starting to do its job in East Tennessee Morristown.

This supposedly started when a local business was withdrawing millions in cash over the last ten years from a Morristown bank. The bank reported them. This started what open-borders advocates claim is the biggest raids in the nation. Actually it isn't and a lot more than 90 people need to be arrested.

They documented the typical labor abuse - not paid overtime, no workman's comp, etc. These people didn't bother to use fake social security numbers like the other corporate criminals in Morristown. The IRS knows exactly where the 3 million illegal aliens are working but under orders from the Obama administration refuses to disclose where the fake IDs are being used.

In Hamblen County in particular Morristown, Tennessee has been swamped by between 6000-10,000 illegal aliens and their families over the last 20 years. This occurred as a conspiracy between the defunct Garcia Labor Company and local business leaders brought in thousands of illegal aliens mostly Mexicans.

Business criminals warned local government in no uncertain terms - we get the illegal aliens or we leave. While legal Americans get pink slips, the rehires are often illegal aliens.

A few years ago local residents tried to protest the job and labor conditions in Morristown, etc. only to be met by squads of state police acting as corporate thugs and enforcers. Even when police arrest illegal aliens for serious crimes, most are ordered released.

The Garcia Labor Company was shut down by the federal government years ago, but zero efforts have been made to remove the illegal alien population that has exploded.

The community has been a conduit for drug trafficking, prostitution rings, etc. across East Tennessee. This isn't just identity theft and tax fraud, large scale lawlessness creates more serious crimes. One member of law enforcement commented about tons of drugs being seized in Morristown. Drug overdose deaths are called an epidemic in the area.

Hamblen County has raised property taxes to pay for schools, jails, and welfare costs.

Now after being here for years from refusal to enforce the laws many have popped scores of children. This makes removal more difficult in addition to the high welfare costs. The cost of sub-wage scale workers explodes corporate profits but social cost is transferred to local tax payers.

That is not the only cost to local residents. Wages scales in meat packing have fallen 50% adjusted for inflation since 1982. In many cases the entire factory speaks only Spanish. They refuse to even hire legal American citizens if they can't speak Spanish.

Yet under the Obama Justice Dept. an Iowa meat packer was fined $200,000 for requiring workers speak English - that is considered racism and discrimination. Yet I can be refused any job out there for not speaking Spanish.

Not only are thousands of workers pushed out by cheap illegal labor, being an English only speaker means one can't even apply for the job. Wonder why there is so much ranker over illegal immigration?

Under President Trump the Morristown business criminal cartel gets a wakeup call.

On April 5, 2018 Southeastern Provision meatpacking in Bean Station (a sign in the road) was raided by ICE. 97 were arrested, 32 were released facing deportation proceedings, likely never to be seen again. 11 are in custody mostly pleading not guilty.

54 were sent to a detention center in Louisiana, 10 have been released on bond. Also likely never to be seen again. Now the local press brings up a sob story that illustrates how much a mess this situation is.

Going by the name Carolina and likely another illegal alien, she is 25 and has two children 11 years and 10-months old. She can't speak a word of English and had to use an interpreter. She is the typical illegal alien welfare basket case that is crippling the country.

Hispanic communities create crippling social problems and high welfare costs. Their illegitimacy rate exceeds that of even blacks in 2008. Their children do poorly in school. In California for example overrun with illegal aliens and immigrants 75% of their students are deficient in math and English.

To quote,

"The birth rate among unmarried Latinas is now much higher than the rate among black or white women. In 1995 the unmarried teenage birth rate for Latinas was 20% lower than the rate for blacks. It is now 12% higher."

Hispanics make up about 17% of the US population. PEW claims their population is at 58 million in 2017 "accounting for half of national population growth since 2000". Their continued growth with this level of failure means their crime and welfare use will outstrip blacks in a few years. Studies show it's the 3rd generation where the problems explode.

The Washington Examiner May 5, 2017 reports,

More than three quarters of African American births are to unmarried women, nearly double the illegitimacy rate of all other births, according to new federal data.

The National Center for Health Statistics said that in 2015, 77.3 percent of non-immigrant black births were illegitimate. The national non-immigrant average is 42 percent, and it was 30 percent for whites.

The new numbers were in a Center for Immigration Studies analysis on the births to immigrants. That total is 32.7 percent, but to Hispanic immigrants it is 48.9 percent...

Morristown is sharing in this good news.

Totally unskilled, illiterate, and can't speak English, Carolina will be a constant drain on the system unless we can get her deported. Oh wait, she popped at least one kid who is a US citizen. That is why this absurd issue of birth right citizenship needs to go to court.

The press calls her a single mother since her "husband" and his brother was sent to Louisiana. He is supposed to have made bail and coming back.

She is far from unusual. PEW reports,

The number of Hispanics who speak Spanish at home is at an all-time high, though growth is slowing. A record 37 million Hispanics ages 5 and older speak Spanish at home, up from 25 million in 2000.

This is passed on by generations as many don't assimilate or learn English. A local news channel ran a feature on how President Trump won't renew the "temporary" status of 90,000 Hondurans. Every person the reporter spoke to needed a translator - even being here for almost 20 years few bother to learn English. Many are on welfare. Their leaving the country will save billions in welfare costs.

To quote the Center for Immigration Studies:

Welfare Use: 57 percent of households headed by immigrants from El Salvador use at least one major welfare program, as do 54 percent of Honduran households, and 49 percent of Guatemalan immigrant households. Among native households it is 24 percent.

Poverty: 65 percent of Honduran immigrants and their young children (under 18) live in or near poverty (under 200 percent of the poverty threshold). For Guatemalan and Salvadoran immigrants and their children, it is 61 percent. The corresponding figure for natives and their children is 31 percent.

Think about that with the flood of Central American migrants. Poverty = welfare use. Yes about 75% of these migrants do work but are so unskilled, illiterate, and do so poorly in schools they are a permanent underclass.

USA Today (Sep. 2, 2015) reports more than half of "immigrants" collect some form of welfare. Others claim they pay more in taxes than they collect in welfare which isn't true.

We already have enough poverty problems in Appalachia without importing more of it and draining the welfare system. This is why we can't make progress on child poverty and scores of other social problems.

Quoting an open borders New York Times"s Eduardo Porter:

"The percentage of children who are poor is more than three times as high in the United States as it is in Norway or the Netherlands. America has a larger proportion of poor children than Russia."

There's a reason why. To quote Why America Can’t Lower Child-Poverty Rates by Kay S. Hymowitz Autumn 2017, City Journal, :

The lousy child-poverty numbers should come with another qualifying asterisk, pointing to a very American reality. Before Europe's recent migration crisis, the United States was the only developed country consistently to import millions of very poor, low-skilled families, from some of the most destitute places on earth - especially from undeveloped areas of Latin America - into its communities, schools, and hospitals...

Both policymakers and pundits prefer silence on the relationship between America’s immigration system and poverty, and it's easy to see why. The subject pushes us headlong into the sort of wrenching trade-offs that politicians and advocates prefer to avoid. Here's the problem in a nutshell: you can allow mass low-skilled immigration...if you do, pursuing the equally humane goal of substantially reducing child poverty becomes a lot harder.

Then those of us that care about jobs and poverty are called racists for not wanting to import more poverty and further lower wages at the bottom third of the economy. That bottom third of low-wage dead end jobs makes up most of the employment in this region. It accounts for most of the job "creation" over the last 30 years in Tri-Cities Bristol.

Local governments like Morristown pay the cost as I pointed out before. To further quote,

The National Academies of Sciences finds that immigration to America has an overall positive impact on the fiscal health of the federal government, but not so for the states and localities that must pay for education, libraries, some social services, and a good chunk of Medicaid. Fifty-five percent of California’s immigrant families use some kind of means-tested benefits...

The problem is massive at the state and local level. study from Sep. 27, 2017 reports the cost of illegal aliens to the Federal government is $46 billion and state taxpayers a whopping $89 billion. We hear they pay all these taxes, etc. They pay Federal taxes of $18.5 billion and state/local of $3.5 billion, total about $19 billion.

That's a tax deficit of $117 billion with state/local taxpayer slammed for $85.5 billion. Far too many illegal aliens plus low-skill legal immigrants and refugees end up in lower income rural regions such as East Tennessee, the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, or rural communities in Iowa.

Update: a report has been released showing that an additional 2800 illegal alien (Central American) children dumped into our schools will cost Virginia residents $56 million or $20,000 each to Virginia taxpayers.

See Poor Virginia Children Robbed Again by Illegal Aliens

But leftwing open borders advocates hoping to swell poverty for Democrat Party votes have no problem with this.

The racist Southern Poverty Law Center is trying to get Morristown detainees in Louisiana released on bond, etc. knowing they will never show up for a hearing - which they know they will lose. If released they will appear before a Memphis immigration court - if they bother to appear.

They did admit cases move more quickly when bond is denied, so the tactic in the past is get them released and disappear to a sanctuary state like California.

Now businesses claim they can't get the workers they need. I have a novel idea, raise pay and improve working conditions! Try placing a want ad in a newspaper! Stop your stupid corporate head games and lies. Try training your workers and not demand the taxpayers do it for you.

The press goes on whining about breaking up families, etc. But what about legal American citizens cheated out of jobs and having their wages lowered? Being forced to pay higher tax bills to cover jails, schools and welfare for non-citizens? Then if they dare complain they are attacked as racists and treated as criminals.

Nobody is breaking up families - let them take their families and go back home out of this country.


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