Democrat Identity Politics Spreads Muslim Religious Violence

by Lewis Loflin

(Above) President Obama and Muslim Leader Louis Farrakhan illustrate the close relation of Nation of Islam and much of the Democrat Party. While opposing his views on Jews and homosexuals, two Democrat Party constituencies, his anti-white racism is welcomed and wide spread.

Summary: religious inspired violence among young Muslims in the West is created when Democrats and the Left demonize society, convince young Muslims they are victims, then act as a conduit itself for Muslim fundamentalists and racists.

One problem I've seen with Muslims is most older Muslims are model citizens. The real problem is younger Muslims even those born and raised in America or came here as children. They are more likely to support religious violence than their parents.

Pew Research (2007) notes that:
26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.
35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall).
42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall).
22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified.(13% overall).
29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified.(25% overall).

Consider the scary part most Muslims in the West are young.

Sweden is dealing with grenade attacks from Muslim gangs and gun-free London has a higher murder rate than New York. London's Muslim mayor has now outlawed knives as the city that more resembles the Balkans or Middle East than Europe.

How is this possible in nations where Muslims are a protected idiot class with freedoms and a standard of living millions dream of?

Young Muslims are the ones likely to join the Islamic State (DAESH) or support other fundamentalist terrorist groups. Anti-Western hate, anti-white racism, and anti-Semitism run rampant on college campuses where Muslims are coddled idiots. They are fed negative liberal stereotypes of society that reinforce alienation. But it is worse than just grooming future Democrat voters. This serves to spread the influence of modern "Muslim" cults.

The answer why is easy to find. According to PEW:

1) 62% of American Muslims have non-Muslim friends. This compares with 5% in 39 countries PEW surveyed - but that still leaves 38% of American Muslims without non-Muslim friends.

2) 65% U.S. Muslims say religion is very important. Muslims in the U.S. are roughly as religious as U.S. Christians, but less religious than Muslims in many other nations.

3) 66% U.S. Muslims identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party. 67% prefer a bigger government providing more services. 48% say homosexuality is unacceptable - Sharia Law calls for the death of homosexuals.

Number 1 presents several problems. Almost 40% of American Muslims will have little personal interaction with non-Muslims at all thus are ready to accept the anti-Christian diatribe from Liberals. Hatred of Israel and Jews is widespread in Muslim culture - all Jews are often equated with Israel.

Many of those "non-Muslim" friends 62% do meet are likely non-believers - they are Christians or Jews in name only if they even claim to be. Many are agnostic-atheist and certainly reject traditional faith.

They are likely to glorify sexual promiscuity, attacks on the family (feminism), and promote homosexuality-transgenderism that is repulsive to traditional faith. Democrat Party identity politics tries to unite groups that are hostile to each other. This exposes more rational people to extremists and fundamentalists within the Democrat Party.

That brings conflict with number 2 where 65% of "Muslims" actually believe in Islam - they don't consider "Muslim" an identity shorn of Allah or the Holy Quran. They don't see "Muslim" as separate from Islam and Sharia Law - they don't identify "Muslim" as merely a "race" or ethnic identification the Democrats pretend they are.

The secular Left just doesn't understand Allah-God is central to the faith - Allah is not a Liberal Democrat. The holy Quran is not about diversity. The burqa is not women's liberation. Mohammed is not a social worker.

Number 3 is to be expected. Nearly all Muslim nations are socialist where millions exist on government handouts. Or they depend on social services from Islamic charities that often have strings attached - they promote their version of Islam.

They have no cultural traditions of individualism but a collectivist culture. Thus they vote for the welfare state Democrat Party. Democrat pandering to Muslims provides cover and unrestricted access for proselytizing by fundamentalists.

Thus services not supplied by the corrupt and dysfunctional such as Egypt is taken up by the Muslim Brotherhood. Arising in the 1920s-1930s they combine European fascism with Islamic fundamentalism. Violent and intolerant to the extreme (note the Morsi regime in Egypt) Leftist politics allows them to spread like a cancer seeing them as just little brown brothers or sharing a common enemy.

They have heavily infiltrated through their various organizations college campuses. Protected by multiculturalism and political correctness the Brotherhood brand of socialist Islam is much admired by the ignorant secular Left.

In Pakistan most Mosques and religious schools are paid for by Saudi Arabia spreading their vile Wahhabism across the world. Arising in the early 1880s in Saudi Arabia they are puritanical fanatics that even preach death to those Muslims not conforming to their version of Islam. They have destroyed monuments and landmarks of early Islam is Saudi Arabia.

Under the Islamic State (DAESH) they murdered thousands of Shi'ite Muslims in Syria and Iraq. Shi'ites are facing increasing persecution in most Sunni majority countries infiltrated by Wahhabism. Thus in the Syrian civil war where Sunni fundamentalist' fanatics versus everybody else, Hezbollah (Shi'ite terrorists) in Lebanon sent fighters to help Assad fight off the Sunnis.

Saudi Arabia has spent around $100 billion in petro-dollars spreading their poison - they control most of the mosques in Europe and the West in general - all the while U.S. taxpayers protect them. They operate Islamic centers across many college campuses.

And according to the Daily Caller 9-14-2015, "Saudi Buys Yale a New Sharia Law Center" is one example.

Then we have the racist hate cult known as the Nation of Islam - which isn't considered Islamic and not accepted as Islamic by other Muslims. Yet a number of Black Muslims (Keith Ellison number 2 at the DNC) passed through NOI and is influenced by it.

The NOI the enjoys broad influence in the Democrat Party at odds with leftist Jews happy to ignore and peddle anti-white racism, but not outright anti-Semitism. Louis Farrakhan has spoken before cheering crowds at the NAACP and many Democrats agree with NOI racist rhetoric.

This leads to the absurd situation of racist Starbucks hiring the Jewish racist Anti-Defamation League to advise them on racism. The ADL is being attacked by members of Nation of Islam racists attacking the ADL for being Jewish. Gotta love the Democrat Party for uniting racists.

Due to identity politics the Democrat Party Left's total control of education and academia has allowed these three cults (Brotherhood, Wahhabis, NOI) access to millions of Muslims.

What do we do with a Muslim family from say Indonesia with little presence of the Wahhabis or the Brotherhood suddenly find their local mosque controlled by Wahhabi clerics and their children exposed to Brotherhood and Wahhabi indoctrination in schools and colleges?

Is it any wonder many young Muslims that are likely dismayed by the secular-left culture can be readily influenced by "Muslim" cults? It's impossible to sort out who is who because the Democrats lump all Muslims - traditional or modern cult - into one large category. Reformers or those that should oppose this poison are ignored or more often shouted down into silence.

Muslims are not a race or mere identity. They are a very diverse people with varying religious and political views. They do persecute and do kill each other just like any other religion.

Because of anti-Western and racial hate from the Democrat Party Left young Muslims become hostile to the general culture. They become convinced they too are "victims" when they are not.

They can be easily swayed by fundamentalists as the Democrat Party and Leftist controlled institutions function as an efficient conduit for their ideology.

Time to treat Muslims as adults and individuals, not stupid little children in need of pampering and protection from Mohammed cartoons or a ham sandwich.

Islam needs reform and a reformation, not large doses political correctness or identity politics racism.


Lewis Frog

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