Muslim Violence from Muslim Religious Cults

by Lewis Loflin

17-year-old Corey Johnson claimed to be a convert to Islam. He went on a stabbing spree killing "13-year-old Jovanni Sierra and stabbed Elaine Simon, 43, and her son 13-year-old, Dane Bancroft, during a sleepover..."

He claimed they criticized his religion. This was observed with glee by Muslim critics - they are all savages to some ignorant people.

The fact is Corey was no Muslim in any sense of the word. It was a fad for a violent, dysfunctional teenager ready to find some excuse for violence. I believe he knew nothing about Islam and certainly was never raised Muslim.

We had a recent van attack in Toronto, Canada. The driver ran down people killing at least 10. The first comment on social media was "Muslim" because Muslims have engaged in such violence before. But I said nothing until I could confirm the facts.

I was right - the killer was a socially dysfunctional non-Muslim some claim couldn't get a girl friend or perhaps had autism.

We have the duel problem of those looking to trash Islam versus those that refuse to address the real problems with some Muslims, their culture, and Muslim nations in general.

Fact: Most Muslims even overseas do not support homicide bombings or attacks on civilians. Many do sympathize with goals of the terrorists - protecting and expanding Islam - not the method itself. Most Muslims at least in America do not practice honor killings of women/girls. Many problems for Muslims in America have come from "converts" such as Corey Johnson who used Islam as an outlet for their own violent tendencies.

Yet real problems exist and I'll address these without political correctness nonsense.

Let's cut the nonsense - Sharia Law is the Islamic recreation of the Old Testament - do you want to live under primitive Old Testament Biblical Law? The answer in any culture that values reason and liberty is an emphatic no. True Islam can't be separated from Sharia Law.

Yet for the Progressive Left attacks on the Bible are welcomed and encouraged. The very same treatment of the Quran erupts into screams of "Islamophobia" (a nonsense invented slur) or racism (Islam is not a race) by the Left. These irrational nutjobs make everything a personal or moral issue - reason be damned!

To quote the late Christopher Hitchens on Islamophobia:

A word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.

89% of the so-called Palestinians support Sharia Law which has ZERO tolerance for Jews or Christians. That's simply a fact - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have violent histories.

Islam unlike the previous two has had no reformation and Muslims struggle to protect their faith in a modern world at odds with their religious traditions.

The conflict with Israel is religious, even if it started out with secular Arab fascism in the 1920s-40s. (I'm not excusing Israeli nonsense.) The two cultures can't coexist in peace.

The claim that the Islamic State (DAESH) is not Muslim is rubbish - they are Sunni Muslim fundamentalists, mortal enemies of the Shiite Muslims. They are following Islam in its pure form as they see it. To quote one report, Al-Hayat news in Saudi Arabia on July 22, 2014:

92% of Saudi's believe that "Islamic State conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic (Sharia) law."

Yes, it does. Can you read Wahhabism and Salafism? (Not sure how they differ if at all, I'll use Wahhabi for both.)

To quote*:

In the last few decades, religious scholars have branded many age-old Malay and Sufi religious practices as wrongful innovations...It is widely accepted that these developments have much to do with the rise of Salafism.

Extremism among Muslims has existed since the early days of Islam. The early Muslims had terms that described such extremism, such as ghuluw (often translated as “zealotry”). The roots of extremism today, however, can be traced to ideas that first appeared in eighteenth-century Arabia. Muhammad Ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792), the founder of Wahhabism - sometimes considered a particular orientation within Salafism - sought to return the Arabs to the true monotheistic teachings of Islam...

*Salafism and the Persecution of Shi'ites in Malaysia By Syed Farid Alatas | Associate Professor of Sociology - National University of Singapore (NUS) | Jul 30, 2014

There is a civil war within Islam (note Shiite Iran versus Sunni-Wahhabi Saudi Arabia fighting proxy wars) just as there was in Christianity 500 years ago between Catholics and Protestants.

The Syrian conflict is also religious as Sunni fundamentalists often supported by the Saudis, etc. vow to exterminate the Shi'ites, Alawites, Christians, Druze, etc. and install their version Sharia based government.

One nonsense idea to quell the Islamic fundamentalist violence in particular with Sunnism is convert them to Sufism, which in my view and most Muslims is not Islam.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr, professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University claims:

"Sufism is the most powerful antidote to the religious radicalism called fundamentalism as well as the most important source for responding to the challenges posed by modernism."

Total rubbish. Stop using the false term radicalism, it is fundamentalism. This term is used to obscure the fact that true believing Muslims will insist on a literal (fundamentalist) not spiritual view of their faith. I'm so fed up with lies and double talk on this issue.

Another problem with Muslim apologists is they don't know how many Sufis are out there, but attempt to inflate their numbers. This is done to cover up the violence that so riddles Islamic culture today and save failed multiculturalism.

We constantly hear the false claim that "Iran is the greatest state-sponsor of terrorism". That is a total lie. This is Neo-con rubbish. Most of the Muslim religious violence by far is Sunni while Iran is Shi'ite.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are the largest exporters of Wahhabi and Salafi fundamentalism. They have spent perhaps $100 billion on schools and mosques all over the world including every Western country. Malaysia is just one example as Syed Farid Alatas pointed out.

the following in the press proves my point.

Saudi Arabia, an ISIS that made it. - Kamel Daoud write that both, slits throats, cuts off hands, destroys humanity's common heritage, despises archeology, women, and non-Muslims...the West wages war on one, but shakes hands with the other."

The New York Times 9-24-2014: "ISIS' Harsh Brand of Islam (they admit they are Muslims) is Rooted in Austere Saudi Creed."

The New York Times 5-28-2016: 'The World Reaps what the Saudis Sow' tells how Wahhabi mosques dominate Kosovo and hundreds of it's young people fight for ISIS.

And the Daily Caller 9-14-2015 writes, "Saudi Buys Yale a New Sharia Law Center."

The other source of Sunni fundamentalist religious violence is the Muslim Brotherhood. Originating in Egypt in the 1920s-30s it combines religious fundamentalism with European fascism, socialism, and Nazism. Many in fact were Nazi sympathizers.

While claiming to have reformed itself this cult infests colleges campuses across America and has partnered with the Democrat Party.

They have never renounced their 5-part credo: Allah is our objective; the Quran is our constitution; the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.

Their view of Jihad has nothing to do with this spiritual nonsense apologists like to claim.

When the Brotherhood won the vote in Egypt and assumed power violence against Christians, Sufis, etc. broke out within days. This ended when the military overthrew the Morsi government President Obama helped install in power.

Typical Leftist garbage in the news is The New York Times May 8, 2011. To quote "Clashes in Cairo Leave 12 Dead and 2 Churches in Flames" by David Kirkpatrik:

CAIRO - A night of street fighting between hundreds of Muslims and Christians left at least 12 people dead and two churches in flames on Sunday in the latest outbreak of sectarian tensions in the three months since the revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

By lifting the heavy hand of the Mubarak police state, the revolution unleashed long-suppressed sectarian animosities that have burst out with increasing ferocity, threatening the recovery of Egypt’s tourist economy and the stability of its hoped-for transition to democracy...

This was not a simple street brawl caused by the oppression of Mubarak. It was an attack on Christian Churches again by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis. The article once again tried to shift the religious cause of the violence over to poverty and unemployment of "young men." I'm unemployed and go out and burn churches?

At the bottom of the article they finally get to real cause:

Like many recent episodes of Muslim-Christian violence here, the strife started with rumors about an interfaith romance...

In March, clashes between Muslims and Christians in the town of Helwan killed 13 and left a church there in flames. In that instance, the spark was a rumored romance between a Muslim woman and a Christian man.

(It is death under Islam and Sharia Law for a Muslim women to be with a non-Muslim man.)

The strife broke out Saturday just hours after another sectarian saga had appeared to close. Muslims and Christians in Egypt have argued since last summer about Camilia Shehata, the wife of a Coptic Christian priest who disappeared for a time. Many Muslims believe she tried to convert to Islam, only to be kidnapped by her husband and members of the Coptic Church.

In retaliation for her purported abduction, Islamist militants (Islamic fundamentalists) carried out a church bombing as far away as Iraq and threatened churches in Egypt. Among the churches threatened was one in Alexandria where an explosion on Jan. 1 killed more than 20 Copts...

And this is the culture we are importing into the West?

Turkey has fallen to the Brotherhood. The 2nd largest army in NATO is under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Erdogan government in Turkey is a version of the Muslim Brotherhood style fascism. There is no free press in Turkey, thousands have been fired from their jobs or sent to prison. Religious violence has gone on for decades has grown far worse.

Turkey is now exporting religious terrorism across Asia.

Once a cradle of Christianity virtually no Christians or Jews live there today - the country reports being 99.9% Muslim - Sunni Muslim to be correct and is the only officially recognized faith.

In 2015 the British government declared the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. The U.K. concluded,

"the organization was fiercely anti-democratic, open supportive of terrorism, dedicated to establishing an Islamic government, and opposed to the rule of law, individual liberty, and equality."

Ref. National Review 12-22-2015.

President Obama partnered with and covered for the Muslim Brotherhood and President Trump has failed to declare them a terrorist organization as several other nations already have.

In the case of Turkey the population is 10-25% Alevi, often classified as Shia. Most are really not even Muslim in my view. Even Ataturk in 1925 refused to recognize the Alevi from the beginning making Sunni Islam the de-facto official religion. So much for secularism. Like the Kurds (many are also Alevi) they have faced persecution including murder and pogroms.


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