Trayvon Martin
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Exploring Black Violence and the Trayvon Martin Syndrome

by Lewis Loflin

Now that the jury has spoken that the violent attack on George Zimmerman by feral black teenager Trayvon Martin was a justified killing in self-defence, it's time to look at what I'm calling the Trayvon Syndrome really is and how widespread the problem has become. The death of Trayvon Martin was an outcome of black culture and has nothing to with white racism.

All across the country whites and Asians are coming under more and more violent attacks by blacks in gangs, mobs, and sometimes individuals as their lack of impulse control and total lack of ethics and proper parental guidance is producing feral animals. Much of the violence seems to be for no real reason as public officials and news reporters try to shift blame away from the obvious or exploit the problem for political gain or ideology. Higher education, the press, and government has been brainwashed by nonsense such as Critical Race Theory that justifies violent attacks on whites and refuses to hold non-whites responsible for anything.

Many young blacks are fed a toxic cocktail of anti-white racism and victimization by the Leftist and liberal elite, combined with self-inflicted failure in mostly fatherless homes. See Origins of Socialist Racism They explode in uncontrolled violence and rage over even minor issues. Race-hustlers like Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald refers to this as "manhood" issues.

Be it IQ, culture, or whatever is not the issue, but the refusal to discuss the facts and efforts by the press and public officials to cover up and ignore the problem can no longer be tolerated. Because anti-white racism has been re-mapped into racial Marxism the real issue is power of the racial-industrial complex and anyone threatening that agenda will be destroyed.

Proof of that is easy. Ask Paula Deen who has been destroyed for mentioning the word "nigger" when a black thug shoved a gun in her face during a robbery decades ago, the very word blacks use among themselves all the time. (The case was dismissed based on the fact the plaintiff was white and whites have no rights in racial discrimination cases.) She was made an example and whites have once again refused to stand up for their rights.

As hard as the press has tried to label Zimmerman a racist the trial proved it was Trayvon using racial slurs (a creepy-ass cracker) much to the silence of that same press. His manhood issues were expressed as drug use and guns on his Facebook pages raised in another fatherless home. He was a time bomb and finally exploded when edged on by Rachel Jeantel during the infamous cell phone conversation. It seems Trayvon thought he was attacking a homosexual.

Zimmerman's main problem is he really wasn't used to this kind of sudden violence and made several mistakes such as turning his back on Trayvon and not being more aware of the situation. He was used to his black friends and in fairness not all blacks are animals, but a sizable minority are. Most victims of these wild Trayvon type attacks never see them coming believing it can't happen to me.